I want my students to enjoy playing the piano, and to develop confidence. The aim is to sit down at a piano without music and improvise a simple accompaniment.



I teach contemporary piano. This would suit beginners, or those who've had classical lessons and want to learn some blues/jazz etc. It is very helpful if students know the twelve major scales.


How I teach

Lessons last one hour and normally take place in the student's home. I rarely use written music, preferring to use chord charts. I customise the lesson to the person, based on their existing skills and particular requirements. I start with core skills to build confidence and gradually add complexity.  For example:

  1. Basic triads and chord inversions

  2. Twelve-bar blues format

  3. Dominant 7th chords (C7, F7)

  4. 1-6-2-5 turnarounds

  5. Substituting 9th chords

  6. Altered Chords (#5, #9)

Further topics

  • Styles such as jazz, reggae, boogie-woogie and latin

  • Tips on different ways to accompany yourself

  • How to practice effectively

  • Improvisation

  • Rhythm exercises

Experience and qualifications

  • 20 years' teaching experience (one-to-one and groups)

  • Tutoring staff at University of Oxford

  • Qualified in Coaching and Mentoring (ILM Level 5)

  • PG Cert in Teaching and Learning (Masters level, Oxford Brookes University

More information


Email me at
or send a message using the Contact page.

What you see in Zoom during an online piano lesson


Contact me for more information. I use high-quality audio and a two-camera setup so that you can see my hands on the keyboard.

An example of my teaching